Tankreds Osgiliath Armee

This is my Grand Tournament 2005 army themed as an Osgiliath army. Incredibly many participants voted for this and for my Harad army to be the "Best Army" of the tournament. Thank you guys for voting me, it was a big honor to me to win that price!


I always loved Gondor - this people was the reason for me to start the tabletop game. Since I read the book I wanted to own a army of minitures from Gondor. Especially the Rangers always inspired me.

The Rangers of Ithilien

They were always my favourites in the book. I liked these specialist troop and decided to give them a amout of spears in order to have a group able to fight in a melee very good. They prooved to be good but Hengest shot them devastating with his Uruk-hai...

Anyway. The spearmen consist of modified Rangers of the North and a modified southern one. I modeled a face cover, a new tunic and hided the chainmail with greenstuff. I was very surprised by the result since many did not see that I modified those Rangers.

How to paint black clothing?

 answers this question on her site  www.hvminiatures.com

Since May she is painting in the Eavy Metal Team in Nottingham - good Luck Anja!

Warriors of Minas Tirith


This army was quite expensive and only experts see the details which took me hours and hours to make. For sure Dol Amroth would have been more spectacular but I wanted to serve Minas Tirith directly. (Maybe I did not like the coneheads...). On the other hand Finarfin showed me how to make a wonderful DA army.


However I am really happy with my Gondor army and playing it was really great. Once again thank you for voting and be curious what I will show next year.


Yours Tankred

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